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Welcome to

Not Boring Workouts


Welcome to the world's greatest fitness podcast!


We offer accessible full-body workouts, surprising stories, hot takes and realistic expectations.


We say "No!" to suspiciously peppy trainers and empty motivational slogans.


We say "Yes!" to getting a little exercise, having a laugh, and maybe learning something new.


Plus, you'll feel better later when you're binging 90 Day Fiancee and power-eating Pop Tarts.

How Does It Work?


We'll tell you to do a move or hold a pose. Do that.


While you're doing it, we'll attempt to inform & entertain you on a variety of different topics, ranging from UFOs to politics, although those two may arguably be the same thing at this point. 


Our episodes will always focus on basic moves like push-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches, so the bar is low. See? How many other fitness ventures advertise a low bar?! But seriously: Our goal is that anyone can follow along.

Click our EPISODE PAGE for gems such as:

How To Not Be A Karen While Getting Michelle Obama's Arms

Flat Earth, Flat Abs

UFOs Are Real And So Is Cellulite

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