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If you made it here, you're probably a lot like us.

You swore you'd get swoll in quarantine, but the lack of gyms and semblance of normal routine has made working out even harder than usual. Then there's the online classes - even more screen time, coupled with meaningless inspirational platitudes about how you're a BEAST or a GODDESS when you know you're just a normal human person trying not to turn into a blob.

Fitness is more important than ever for our physical and mental health, but (most of us) are doing it even less. Except for Alli's roommate. She is actually a beast.

Meanwhile, early in quarantine, David & Alli were messaging across coasts (like ya do) about feeling creatively stuck with the world ending. The conversation went something like ... okay actually we have a screenshot.


Almost immediately, David floated the idea of a something where we make working out not suck. Where maybe we tell people what moves to do, keep time for them, tell them when to switch moves, and otherwise entertain them. Alli was immediately into it. Because as you can tell from these texts, she was very available.

David Title


David Title has been making stuff for public consumption for over 30 years and so far the public has failed to stop him. In addition to this podcast, he created some of the world's first web series, helped get a few movies produced and is currently encouraging people to vote via TikTok videos and a sock puppet.  David  is also a partner and creative director at NYC's hottest marketing shop, Bravo Media. David has never won any awards and was not featured on any of the Forbes lists. 

Allison Goldberg

Allison Goldberg headshot 2.jpg

Allison Goldberg is a writer and performer whose work has been covered by Good Morning America, NPR, theSkimm, WIRED, and more. Allison was also featured on the cover of Time Out NY, which ranked her among "the top 10 funniest women in NYC." Her projects include two live comedy shows (Blogologues and How To Break Up By Text), a podcast with The Daily Dot (2 Girls 1 Podcast), an original, city-wide festival supported by the Mayor's Office of Tech & Innovation (No Text Weekend), and digital series with Mashable, Facebook Watch, and WhoHaHa. She also might be launching a sock puppet show with David soon on a small screen near you. Stalk away & ask her out at

More "trainers" coming soon!

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